Hi there!
Robby Freebrey.
A UI/UX designer living in Bristol, UK.

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Hi there! I'm Robby, a Web designer with expertise in UI/UX based in the thriving city of Bristol. Since my teens, I have had a passion for anything digital and would spend many hours creating silly images and videos. It was a friend of mine that introduced me to web design and from then on, I knew it was the path for me.

Since then, I've progressed through college, university and finally full time in a variety of roles. Please take the time to check out my portfolio, it's really nice :)

my work

I've been a part of the team at funkypigeon.com, a personalised cards and gifts company based in Bristol, since 2012. Along side this, I enjoy keeping up with the latest web trends and developments by working on a variety of side projects in my spare time.

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Here are just a few of the skills that I possess…